Welcome to the home of the Pink Sheet. The best methodology we know of for capturing your ideas. 


We believe that when people are inspired to think and then share those thoughts, amazing things happen. At Thought Leaders we are on a mission to help clever people be commercially smart, inspired by the company they keep. We do all this to raise the level of consciousness on the planet. Whilst there are lots of ways this can be done, for us it's about inspiring great thinkers to share their ideas.

A mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimensions.
— Oliver Wendell Holmes

We believe the Pink Sheet Process gives thought leaders a tool to unpack what they know better than any other we have seen. We believe in our mission so much that we are releasing this technology to the world, free, modelling the open source movement often found in the tech space.

Better thinking leads to better conversations, and this creates a better world. So let's start improving your thinking…