The Pink Sheet is the key to everything in your practice moving forward. It's kind of the big idea. 

This is the currency of thought leadership – how you capture what you know so you can package it up and deliver it to the market. 


Here's your first pink sheet, ready for you to fill in.


The process of creating a pink sheet serves thought leaders on many levels:

  1. By capturing what you know, you can scale and leverage your ideas. Your ideas are no longer stuck in your head.

  2. Capturing what you know in a delivery-agnostic way gives you better leverage from each idea. Your ideas are no longer stuck in a specific mode of delivery.

  3. Capturing what you know in a full-spectrum way is smart. Your ideas are forced to grow beyond your preferences and strengths.

    Here's a variety of resources to help you get started. And that's the most important thing. Get started. The power of pink sheets reveals itself most by creating them, so start scribbling as soon as you can. Your first pink sheets don't need to be perfect. They won't be. But the change to your mindset and your working method will have begun.  

    1. An Introduction to Pink Sheets


    2. Model Mojo


    3. Applying Pink Sheets to different modes


    4. Guidebook to your first Pink Sheet

    Time to jump in. Download this short guidebook to help get you going.


    5. 101 Pink Sheet examples

    Looking for some concrete examples and inspiration? Here's 101 sample pink sheets


    6. Think – the book

    Ready to really get into Pink Sheets? Download a free version of our new book Think - Using Pink Sheets to capture and expand your ideas or get it as a paperback and stick it on your desk, ready to be dived into again and again.